Meryl Yourish is wondering why sites like kook-central Indymedia aren't talking about the unrest and protests going on in Iran.

I'd guess the first reason is because they can't yell about Bush being behind it, and a quick read of extreme lefty sites reveals that the Bush-obsession is the driving force for their existence. Can't yell about it being a plot by the military-industrial-neocon-Illuminati-Girl-Scouts-complex to take over a Middle Eastern country and suck dry its resources - "it's all about oil!!!"

Well, they could yell about it, but they know how stupid they would look doing so (now if only they could apply the same amazing powers of reason to "why puking on a sidewalk in protest only convinces people you're an idiot").

Also, these are protests for more freedom - not less, which is what the socialist/communist movement is all about (and, granted, so is the far right when it comes to personal freedoms). Why, if these protests succeed, we could see democracy take root - we could see capitalism bloom - we could see the standard of living soar - we could see the people of Iran moving forward ideologically, rather than somewhat laterally into the repressive nature of far left philosophies.

So what if the Iranians have to live under the oppressive regime of the Mullahs - at least they don't have a McDonald's! And they don't have George Bush!