The American Medical Association has come out in favor of cloning for research purposes:

Yeah, Mr. Doctor Person, but WWJD? Bet you didn't think about that! Maybe, just maybe, you should heed the wise counsel of Dubya's favorite political philosopher and - most people don't know this - scientific ethicist.

You know, we can now stimulate an unfertilized egg to divide and grow as if it had been joined by a little wiggle worm - I wonder if that's how old Yahweh knocked up Mary with the baby Jesus.

Indeed, we have become as gods.

Not really, no, but I do have a question.

Does anyone out there have information on good chef's knives? I've heard Global mentioned as a somewhat popular brand, and found this one online for $120.

I'm in the market for a good knife to last several years. Naturally, when we got married some seven years ago, we were blessed with the $30 plastic-handled, watch-them-bend-in-the-wind kitchen knife set in a slab of butcher's block. We quickly learned they weren't up to much beyond cutting butter or maybe as a makeshift screwdriver for tiny screws. So, we upgraded to a couple of better knives in the $35 range for each, but they're not quite up to the task of all the chopping, dicing, slicing, and throwing that enhancing one's cooking skills entails.

OK, so, here I am. I need a good knife. I'm willing to pay the $100 if it the knife is truly worth it. All thoughts welcome, except for the ones that say "One hundred dollars for a kitchen knife? Are you nuts?"

Bless you all.