Drudge has a developing story that Chris Matthews of Hardhead Hardball was attacked live on the air. I didn't see it happen, primarily because I find Mr. Matthews the television equivalent of unsightly panty lines*, but the safe money is that Michelle Malkin just kicked the shit out of him.

I'll keep you up to date with details as I get them. From Drudge. Which you can do just as well as I. So, hell, quit expecting me to do all the work for ye, ya lazy bastard. Arrrr!

Sorry, pirate moment.

Update: Robbed! Michelle stole m'joke! Somebody call me a trial lawyer! Hey, where's John Edwards when you need him?

No, really, has anyone seen the guy lately? He seems conspicuously absent.

Update 2: Hey, my last name is O'Reilly. And Michelle's post says her alibi is that she was "with O'Reilly." This doesn't look good. Man, I hope my wife doesn't read the blog.

Update 3: Why, yes, I do like to hear myself type.

Anyway, I just scanned down Michelle's last few posts and noticed she makes a quick reference to the mysterious, vanishing John Edwards as well. So, now it looks like I stole from her after she stole from me**, which, honestly, just makes me look petty.

I am not a crook!

Anyway, I've about run this one into the ground, so moving right along.

Looking forward to providing you more alibis down the road, Michelle. Be a doll and leave my money on the dresser. I am sooo going to Washingtonienne this.